Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Expert Rideshare Accident Lawyers In Corona Del Mar

Rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber have seen a huge increase in popularity over the past several years because they offer convenient car rides, particularly if riders want to avoid parking issues or driving under the influence. Even though there are many benefits to using rideshare apps, there are still risks and the potential for being in an accident with this type of transportation. If you become involved in a rideshare accident in Corona del Mar, California, the skilled attorneys at Titan Pacific Law can help you evaluate your case and receive the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of insurance and the laws to help you get justice in the Orange County, California area.

Steps To Take If You Are Involved In A Rideshare Accident

rideshareIf you or someone that you love experiences an accident that involves a rideshare company, regardless of whether you are a passenger, a driver, or a pedestrian, there are certain steps you should take afterwards. In the event of a rideshare accident, you should immediately seek medical attention to ensure your safety and contact law enforcement and make sure a police report is filed. You will then want to document evidence of the accident, (including physical injuries, property damage, etc.), with photos, get contact information from any witnesses, and exchange insurance information with the other involved party. Rideshare accidents can result in significant loss and serious injury, so you will want to take these steps to protect yourself. You will then want to speak to a rideshare accident attorney to help you proceed with a claim.

Rideshare accidents are different from personal and commercial driver accidents in that rideshare drivers usually use their own automobile to provide transportation for riders, and they are not required to have commercial insurance or a commercial license. Instead, the company itself, (Lyft, Uber, etc.), has a commercial insurance policy that covers a driver while they are on the clock. Therefore, if you are trying to prove liability, it is important to establish if the rideshare driver was on the clock or not working at the time of the accident to determine if the company’s insurance policy or the driver’s personal policy will cover the damages. Your rideshare lawyer can help you determine if the rideshare company is liable for the accident, which is dependent on the details of the collision. They will attempt to determine who was at fault and whether the rideshare driver was on duty at the time of the accident.

Get Expert Legal Assistance In The Event Of a Rideshare Accident

In order to strengthen your case, it is imperative to only discuss the details of your accident with your accident attorney, your insurance company, and your medical team. Do not discuss or accept an offer from the other party’s insurance company, and file a claim in a timely manner because there are time limitations that could prevent your bills and lost income from being compensated. The legal experts at Titan Pacific Law can help you get a fair settlement if you are involved in a rideshare accident in Corona del Mar or the surrounding Orange County area.

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