Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Corona Del Mar Bicycle Accident Lawyers

In the event of a bicycling accident, bike riders have little protection and it can be very likely to result in injury. If an accident occurs, automobile drivers are more protected from injury because of the metal frame of a vehicle, while the most protection a bicyclist has is usually nothing but a helmet. Most bicyclists that are involved in accidents do suffer injuries that require medical attention. Therefore there are several essential steps that a cyclist must take if a legal claim needs to be made. The claims process for an accident involving bicycles is difficult, and it can be challenging to receive fair compensation. If you have experienced a biking accident in Corona del Mar, California and other surrounding areas in Orange County, the lawyers at Titan Pacific Law have extensive knowledge of the law to help you navigate issues involved with a biking accident. We are dedicated to helping you get justice and the fair settlement that you deserve.

What To Do After A Bicycle Accident

bike accidentMost of the time, a defendant and the insurance company will attempt to prove that you, the cyclist, were at fault in the event of an accident. Therefore it may be necessary to seek out legal aid if you are involved in an accident so that lawyers can begin obtaining evidence to defend your case. There are several steps you should take in order to build a strong case and receive a fair settlement, including:

  • It is essential to get any injuries that were sustained in a bike crash checked out immediately by medical professionals, whether it is at an urgent care, by ambulance, in the emergency room, etc. Then contact a bicycle crash law office.
  • It will be necessary to contact the authorities and file a police report as soon as you are able. There are limitations to the amount of time you can file a claim, and you could have anywhere from 180 days to 2 years, depending on your location.
  • Be sure to collect evidence from the accident, document damages with photos, and try to gather witnesses and get their contact information.
  • Contact a law office such as Titan Pacific Law to help ensure that you do not get taken advantage of by an insurance company.
  • It is important to be present if there are any medical follow-up or physical therapy appointments. If you fail to follow medical directions or do not attend follow up appointments, it demonstrates that your injuries may not be that serious, so it is crucial to making a full recovery one of your top priorities.

How Much Money Is a Typical Bike Claim Worth?

There are many different factors that can impact a settlement’s value. Factors that will affect a settlement amount include, the extent and effect of your injuries, the cost of past and future medical treatments, the amount of income that was lost during the injury, pain and suffering, whether or not your injury requires accommodations, etc. It is likely that an insurance company will investigate your accident thoroughly to pay you as little as possible, so in order to receive the highest amount of compensation from a biking accident  in Corona del Mar, California, it is very important to contact Titan Pacific Law to ensure that you are fully protected.

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